Wednesday, September 10, 2008

다시 만나 반가와요~

Hi everyone!!

Happy to see all of you again at NTU tonight.
I realized it's quite far away from town area, so I have to thanks again you all came down that long jorney to there for support me.

I wished that I could send you all to near town area by my car, sorry for left by myself first.
Are you all saftely went back home? ^ ^

Oh, thanks for the flower & durian puff too! ^ ^

Thanks again and see you all on Sunday again!
Good night!

2008. 9. 10.


Lee Hua said...

Hi Lee An,

No worry, all of us had reached home safely despite of the long journey. Do get some good rest ya! Glad to see you here with your performances... You have been putting in your efforts a lots and treated us well. Touched~ Thank you so much! Will see you on Sunday soon!

Good night ^^

Anonymous said...

for keepsake!!

lucy said...

Hi Lee An,
Not to worry about us we are safely home, the journey is quite long for me, but i'm glad to see you there with your performances.
Last... See you on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

안녕 리안씨,

잘 있었어요?

어제 NTU에서 공연을 너무재미있어요.
네... NTU에 부터 town area까지 조금 거리가 있어요. 하지만, 괜찮아요 .. 너희를 리안씨 대문에 (ㅋㅋㅋㅋ)..

네... 우리 안전을 집에 도착했어요 (*^ ^*)

우리 일요일 만나요..

천혜 said...

Hiyee 리안씨^^
Sorry I did not go to the NTU event due to work, was told by Lee Hua & Limei that it was fun!!!
Great that u like the flowers
Seeya this Sunday!

annie said...

네... 우리 안전을 집에서 도착했어요 (*^ ^*)

우리 일요일 만나요..

** hahaha... forget to type my name in the previous message (@~@)
hope you understand my broken korean ^^

Li mei said...

hello! ^^

No worries, no need to be sorry. All of us had reached home very safely. (^.^)V

your performaces was great that night ! (:

cya on sunday.
take care! ^^

(≧∀≦) said...

Hey Lee Hua! Are you Lee An's sister? Haha or perhaps the owner of Lee Hua Jewelry? :D nice name!

Anyway you live at toa payoh?

(≧∀≦) said...

Does Korea enjoy a public holiday for Chuseok?

Hmmm.. Square 2's stage is really small.. just been there yesterday and saw this korean girl playing an instrument resembling the guzheng and a korean guy dressed in some colourful robes hitting a drum..

The stage area is quite small so i guess it'll be very crowded tmr! which is good for lee an, isn't it? LOL have a nice saturday people!

팬더 곰 (팸) said...

(≧∀≦), Wootz! i like this face! CUTE!
Yep, the Eve, 1st and 2nd day of
Chuseok is Korea Public Holiday
(13th Sep - 15 Sep) for this year

I guess the performance you are
refering to is the GaYaGeum
and Samul Nori.. I've seen the perf
last week and it's really nice! ^^

GaYaGeum - Traditional Korean Instrument
(The one that resemble chinese Guzheng)

Samul Nori - Traditional Drum Performance
Featuring 4 types of Drum

anyway See you all tomorrow!

싱가폴~팸~ (PaM)

팬더 곰 (팸) said...

Happy to see you again today ^^
It's my 1st time hearing you sing
"Woowa Doowa" live on stage ^^
Really enjoy your performance today...
앞으로도 자주자주 보면 좋겠어요 ^^
다음에 이벤트있으면 또 봐요 ^^


Lee Hua said...

TO: (≧∀≦)

Just got told by my friend about your message here. Haha~ I'm neither Lee An's sis or the owner of the jewellery shop. That's cute of you. Yes, I live around that area. Do I know you?