Sunday, September 14, 2008

해피 추석

즐거운 추석 되세요!
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival for everyone!

Today we celebrate Korean Mid-Autumn Festival at Square2 together.
Thanks for everybody be there!
I had great time with your support at the stage.
Hope I can bring more exciting performance for all.

Are you enjoying full moon tonight? ^ ^
Hope you all having sweet dream tonight with full moon(보름달)!

보름달에 소원을 비세요! ^ ^

2008. 9. 14.


Seo said...

Hey HAPPY MID AUTUMN FESTIVAL! you walked passed me on the 3rd floor.. you were accompanied by some people right?

I didn't manage to see you perform.. hope it went well!

When will your next performance be? Haha

팬더 곰 (팸) said...

하이! 해피 해피 해피 추석!
Send you 2 cute 추석 Message ^^

* * 추석날
* O * 보름달
/\/\ 에 소원
/ \빌어봐~

.*""*. 보름달♪
* ^o^* 처럼♪~
`*..*` /)/)

I'm eating 송편 now... 맛있어요 ^^
Hope to see you soon!!!
Happy 추석!!!~~ Enjoy ^^


천혜 said...

안녕 리안씨~

We enjoyed ourselves alot today and you looked very handsome today too!노무 멋싰어요~
We like your outfit ^^
Seeya soon and all of us can have fun & party again ^^

Take Loads of Care~v(^o^)v

Lee HUa said...

Thanks for putting up a good performances! We were enjoying~ You look nice with your semi formal outfit. Will see you again soon right~

Take care~

Anonymous said...

I was in square2 with my family yesterday. Got to see you and we like your songs. Something nice you celebrated your Autumn Festival with your fans. Your fans are cool.

Li Mei said...

hello~ ^^

We enjoyed ourselves and you look really handsome yesterday! woohoo~

Hope you have a great time yesterday! see you real soon..
Take care.. ^^

lucy said...

Hi..Hi..Lee An,
We enjoyed ourselves yestherday, your outfit is nice first time see you wearing short.. Hmm...

Take Care!

Joanna Lee said...


We enjoyed ourselves a lot yesterday! Thanks for the great performance though it's quite hot inside the building.... Waiting for ure next event!

I'll be in HongKong from 25th til 29th this month so I hope u wont have any events during that period! Hahaha!

Will be posting ure pix onto my blog soon! Will keep u updated.... Take Care!