Friday, September 19, 2008

Go to Korea Winter Travel with Lee An!

Hi Everyone!
Would you like to fly back to Korea with Me!
We fly to Jeju and we will experience snow and
have my mini concert!
I will be with you there! ^ ^
"나랑 같이 겨울 여행 가자~"

Trip Schedule
13-20th Dec. 2008
Korea : Arrival time
13th Dec 9.30am Incheon Airport
Singapore : Departure time
20th Dec 7pm at Incheon to Singapore

Travel Agency
Diners World Travel
Ms. Kim NG (Tel : 6357-6782)

More details on early Oct.


annie said...

That a great chance man >.<
But too bad I can't go...
Maybe next time if there's chances (^8^)

Haiz... I have to rush my work if not can't go home..
sob sob.. still at office @~@

see ya soon ~~

Lee Hua said...

Wa~ That's a good chance.
Hope can able to go if time allow me...

-_- said...

HEH I want to go! The word SNOW tempted me!

How much does the trip cost?

Details in October? Please update ASAP thanks Kamsahamnida

팬더 곰 (팸) said...

this is really cool~
but it's on december...
so... I'll have to check
if i have enough annual leave to take
and also if i have enough money
to spare for this trip~ hahaha

Anyway, Have a happy Weekend!! ^^


Joanna Lee said...

Oh no! December? I cant take leave before Xmas!!!!

~~PaM 팸~~ said...

wah! the cartoon!!!
haha! hope you like the cartoon
that me and my friend send!
and hope to see you soon ^^


annie said...

yeah.... the cartoon is very cute ^^
Thank Pam and her friend who design the cartoon for lee an ^^