Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sqaure2 Korean Mid-Autum Festival Programs

Korean Style Mid-Autumn Festival
I-Weekly, 2008. 9.

These are all about the Korean, programs for
'추석' Mid-Autumn Festival.
Please check and enjoy! ^ ^


Anonymous said...

Lee An ssi..

im jus curious.. were u at Novena this afternoon (2/9/08 around 4pm)
coz i saw someone who looks really like you!! O_O


cheez said...

hur? the article in i-weekly? but i didn't see it:P ok, i better go flip through my copy again^^

oh, see u next week!:O)

Lee An said...

Hi 졔시
Is it? Oh I think you saw someone Looks likes me. ^ ^ I'm just arrived for this week events.
How have you been? Hope to see you at Sqaure2 this sunday~

Lee An said...

cheez! ^ ^
So see you this sunday~~