Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"How much is the 'US' album?"

I heard some episode from my friend.
On the Sqaure2 perform day, the YMCA booth sold my 2nd album 'US'.
They put a notice on the board, wrote some information there.

Korean Singer Lee An
2nd Album "US"

And someone asked to them before she buy it,
"Is the album US $10 dollar?"
"이 앨범 미국 달러 10불 이예요?"

Oh no..... hahaha...
The person thought, the title "US" means, US dollar... -_-;

Just share with you some fun moment... hahaha...

Anyway thanks to the lady who likes my music and support.

So, hope if someone see my album at sale counter, don't misunderstand US dollar!
It's Singapore dollar.. haha... ^ ^

Thank you, good night!



Lee Hua said...

Haha~ That's a cute encounter...
Glad that there are peeple who like your music...
Of coz, must support ya~
Lee An, continue to work hard and produce some more good pieces of music to us...
We are looking forward!
Aza aza fighting~

☆(≧∀≦)☆ said...

lee hua: are you really not Lee An's sister? You seem to support him alot!

Lee An: you sure it isn't US$10? maybe it is when u go to HMV -.-"


Joanna Lee said...


It'll be funnier if we are there to witness it!

Maybe it's the way the nitice is printed so there's this misunderstanding.


I just cam back from a "hen's party". If u know what it means.... So i'm heading to bed now!

Good Night!

☆(≧∀≦)☆ said...

lee an what are you doing now? roaming around in Singapore?
Sad to say, there's nothing much to do here .. maybe you can watch F1 Grand Prix?

Lee Hua said...

Hmm... Haha~ I'm really not his sister. If does, I think Lee An will have many sisters already who are also supporting him all the way. I support him coz I just wanna to support without saying much. ^^

애니 said...

안녕 리안오빠,

잘 있었어요?
Really, there's someone thought that your album is US 10 dollars...

That's a cute encounter..
But to us "YES" your album worth US 10 dollars or more (>.<)
Cause the song is really nice

아자 아자 화이팅 ~~~

팬더 곰 (팸) said...

cute~... but for nice song and music
i'm willing to pay US$10 or more~~~
and i think your album definetly
worth more then US$10...
Good music is Priceless! ^^

I'm in my office now...
can't wait for the weekends to come!
Have a nice weekend too ^^
and hope to see you soon~~~