Monday, September 8, 2008

LEE AN NTU School Concert

LEE AN NTU School Concert

Date : 10th Sep, 2008

Time : 7pm

Venue : Nanyang Technological University, LKC LT (Lee Kong Chian Lectural Theatre, Near South Spine, Canteen B, Level 2)

Tickets : * Please print out attached file and bring it for the admission. Thanks.
Fans Admission at 6.50pm


-_- said...

Hey is this some fan blog? Or does it belong to Lee An?

Anyway he'll be at novena at 4pm this Sunday?

When is chuseok by the way?

Thanks! (the noob)

Anonymous said...

Chuseok is Korea Thanksgiving Day.

Lee An said...

Yes, this is my blog, belong to me.
Thanks for visit my blog.
Chuseok is 14th Sep, I will see you at Novena Square2 on this sunday! ^ ^