Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lee An in Jakarta Day 1

With Jakarta fans, at the airport
Thanks for welcome us!

At Embassy of the REpublic of Korea
with Mr. Kim Hyun Ki, Counselor Culture & Communication
Mr. Kim hold my EP for promote me. hahaha Thanks! ^ ^

At Bali Jimbaran, enjoyed delicious Indonesian seafood
Found 'a friend' with my jacket!
Look at the patern! hahaha

After dinner, play pool with Leroy!


Halimah said...

ㅋㅋㅋ...옷과 테이블은 동일이에요...

Btw, so many Indo fans welcomed you at the airport! ^^

Now you're in Surabaya I suppose?

P.S: Hi Boyi & Alice too *waves*

Lee Hua said...

wa~ so many indo fans welcome you ^^ so nice... haha~

PS: Halimah, we shld ask Boyi to pack us inside ma... haha

Halimah said...

LH...Boyi did ask me to go into her red luggage...but's too SMALL for me! TT_TT

su said...

hahaha @ LH comment...

kekanda... nice playing pose... ^^

noizumi said...

hi oppa~

sorry i can't pick up @the airport that day...

u're making me regret that i can't come that day.. hiks..

but there's still another chance to meet u...

i'll be seeing u tomorrow @Shangri-la hotel!!

can't wait!!

PS: Alice jie/Boyi onnie.. please let me in to see oppa's performance... please... ^^