Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lee An in Surabaya Day 3

Interview with Jawa Post, together with Mr. Yang at KTO
Thanks to interpriter Ms. Hur

Durian puff from Surabaya fans!! ^ ^

With Estella

With Eveline

With ladies

With Nia

Greeding to VIP table

Surabaya performance

With Global 90.50FM & fans!

With Mr. Kim, Director of Korean Air (Indonesia)

1 comment:

Eve said...

In JW. Marriot, That was the 1st time I met Oppa... 1st time I know about you... hear your song, hear your voice, see your live performance, chitchat with you.. and i'm trully impressed...
Oppa, Onni and Alice are very friendly and warm...
Although I was sick at that time but I didnt regret to come to that event... ^^
come back soon, Oppa....