Monday, April 27, 2009

[Photo] Lee An Birthday Party at Costa Sand Resort, Singapore

"리안 생일파티에 오신것을 환영합니다"
Welcome to Lee An Birthday Party

Nice decoration by LAFC

DELICIOUS BBQ by Joanna & Lucy

Lee An enjoying GAME very much!

Romantic Birthday cup cake by Halimah!

Make a wish

Meiqi, Su & Zoey

Halimah & Chee Leong
With Juanna & Chee Leong

Group photo at the stairways

25th Apr 2009
Thank you so much for the wonderful birthday party! ^ ^
Thanks for the preparation to LAFC! ^ ^
With the LAFC committee


Halimah said...

로맨틱가 아니다~~~

Design is related to meaning of our LAFC (SG) name --> Love.Adore ^^


Apple said...


생일 축하합니다

매일 행복해요!

noizumi said...

lol @this statement:
"Romantic Birthday cup cake by Halimah!" XD

most of the pics here i've commented on FB and my inbox is full of it!!


Happy Bday once again!! ^^

Halimah said...

*nods @ ND* I almost fainted when I saw that caption...

People...please don't get the wrong impression~~~

Lee Hua said...

Haha~ Thanks Hal for the Lovely Romantic Bday Cupcake...
Thanks Lucy, Annie & Joanna for helping out...
Thanks Legra and Tom be our wonderful reporters of the night...
Thanks and Glad that everyone took part and had funs!
Love the laughters and smiles around... ^^

Halimah said...

Yes...Yes...Totally agree with Lee Hua....THANKS everyone for gracing the event!

And for those who couldn't make it...we MISS you! Come and join us for the next gathering (in progress)as members of LAFC (SG) yah ^^

lucy said...


THANKS EVERYONES!! for coming.
See u guys in our next event.

Joanna Lee said...

Glad everybody enjoyed the event!

See all of u soon!