Monday, April 6, 2009

[News] Lee An on Xing Zhou Weekly newspaper 5th Apr 2009

Lee An on Xing Zhou Weekly newspaper 5th Apr 2009


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Here's the English translation, :)

Lee An on Xing Zhou Weekly newspaper 5th Apr 2009


Lee An Wishes to Write Songs in the Indonesian Language

In our country, a lot of people are still as yet unfamiliar with his name. This is because this is Lee An’s first trip to Indonesia. Besides, Lee An is still considered a newcomer in the Korean music industry. This guy (born on 27th April 1980) who stands at 178cm, has released two albums. Nevertheless, at the beginning of this year, for his performance at Jakarta’s MTA, many fans turned up to listen to the 5 songs that he sang for them.

Caption1: William, Clara Vera and Maila from Dian Harapan School, “His performance is really great! You’ll not lose out if you turn out!”

Caption1: Lee An’s performance on stage brought on the praises from the crowd.

Other than wishing to release his second Korean and Mandarin album, he wants to promote the tourist spots in Korea, especially JeJudo (JeJu island). This singer who likes diving, golf and car racing has been chosen by the Korea Tourism Board as its tourism ambassador.

Personally, Lee An wishes very much to learn Mandarin and Bahasa Indonesia. This is because he hopes to return to Indonesia this month to promote his third album while visiting Surabaya and Medan.

Caption1: Lee An’s fans from Jakarta

Caption2: Intan, Priscillia Erika from Jakarta, SMA BPK Penabur. Although they rarely follow the developments of Kpop, they still took the opportunity to snap some pictures.

Caption3: lee An with Damas Astuti and Andy Qiu.

Caption4: Lee An autographing his CD for fans.

(NB* The Indonesian media has not yet standardised An Ssi’s surname 里, hence the different Li李 being used here)


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why are they using ur photos back in january?
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wah.. thanks Tom 4 the translation!!

so that's why they're using the pics back in January @TA...