Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lee An in Jakarta Day 6 & 7 (Fans meet)

Singapore fans gifts, at Indo fans meet

Thanks for the gifts! with Lucy

At Palembang restaurant, famous of fish food, located in Sumatra

Delicious cookies, thanks

Palembang food!

With Palembang owner, Thomass and 2 little girls

Thanks for the nice photo, really impressed to develop the photo so quickly!
It was my honor to sign it! ^ ^

Fans meet at Timezone, play game with Indo fans!
Did you all have fun with me?

Tea break at Emporium Mall
Thanks for the cute fan.. ^ ^

Thanks for coming down and join the fans meet, hope you all enjoyed it!
Hopefully can meet up with all of yours again!

Oh, 1st Indo male fan!!! ^ ^
Nice to meet you!

Sweet cake with my photo! hahaha
Thanks for it, Ira & other friends!

After the day end, we went to for this~
Indo sea food, really nice!

Nice view!
And I love it! hahaha


su said...

hmm.... kekanda been eating alot in Indo... Got gain any weight??

The cake looks veri nice... who get what part?? *winks*

Woah!! go arcade ah... so nice...

Been eating lots of cookies i see... that will bring back lots of memories... hehehe...

LC!! U actually prints those pics out!! HAHAHAHA.... NICE.. ^^

Anonymous said...

LA's so busy he's not commenting the pics... ^^

it was a fun day!!
but sorry that we made LA tired playing those games...
mianhe oppa...

u must eat and sleep well..
so next time we can play it more fun!! XD

thank u 4 coming down there to play with us~~~ ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi Su...So sad U & Halimah cant joint with Us...
If U can U can joint in our party ^_^
He8...yes the Cookies is very cute...cause LA in this Photo very cute & The Pics can eat loch...cause its a chocolate & This pics when The First we meet LA & Me & Vi2 & Vera give this " Necklace " for LA...
We all very HAppy cause LA said He very like our Gift ^_^

This cake form me & another Friend..& we 10 people make this Party only For Support LA ^_^
Im Very Hapy U Like this cake ^_^

~ IRA ~