Tuesday, May 20, 2008

24 May 4pm Junction8 Album Launch Event

Y.E.S. 93.3FM 里安 “US, 我们的未来” 签唱会


lucy said...

An nyong ha se-yo, Lee An, Today i when to your album launch event. Your gift is so nice i like it so much. Thank U! Your perform is very good too. Keep it up & take care!

Lyn 누나 (hehehe) said...

today's turnout was quite ok right? thanks for signing on all the items that we have taken out...hahaha....

annie said...



Today my friend and I attend your album launch in J8..

We have alot of fun >.<
We understand your chinese, 你要加油..

Hope to see you again =)

아자아자 회이팅

**SaRaNgHaEyO-OpPa** said...

Your singing is really awesome today~! The last song u sang really made me touched T_T .

Please pursue your dream as a singer because your voice is one of a kind and nobody can replace your special voice. Rest well and drink lots of water..Dont fall sick..Take care! =D

I really look forward to more of your songs, 3rd album ,fansigning..
and be sure i will be there no matter where and when. ^^V

Hope u have read the fan-letter that i passed to you ><

Really looking forward to your interview on radio and CNA =)

Lastly ,Hwaiting! p^___^q

Lee An said...

Hi **SaRaNgHaEyO-OpPa**
Your name is "졔혜" right? It was very special gift for me. Yes, I read through your letter. Thanks a lot.
The last song is sad love story song. During the last song stage, I moved into the lirycs and tried to deliver that story by my voice.
Glad that I can feel it delivered well.
Yes, for the 3rd album, I will try to sing all beautiful songs by Chinese, then can share the feel more directly with my Singapore fans who likes my song.
Thanks and hope to see more your comment on here too! ^ ^
Good night!

Lee An said...

Hi Lucy
Thanks for coming down and support today. I'm glad that you like the gift. ^ ^
Hope to see you more often here? ^ ^

Hi Lyn 누나! ㅎㅎㅎ
The signing on your all items, no problem. I'm happy to you are there and support me. Thank you and your friends!

안녕 애니?
Did you like my perform today? Glad that hear you had fun there. I worried the place is too hot for everybody. Thanks alot, yes, we will see you again soon! ^ ^
See you more often here!!

annie said...

아.... 애니 , ㅋㅋㅋ... 제 한국이름이
.. >.<

Yes, i like your performance today..
it pretty good... especially the chinese song "Happy My Star"

I enjoy myself today so do my friends.. you are so friendly ~~~
oops.... say real.. i really love and enjoy listen to your music..

*hahaha* i'm a music addict

hmmmmm.... the weather it really very hot but it worth it ^^

^(o.o)^ good-night

cheez said...

wow wow! u did a great job! so glad to hear from other fans here^^ really can feel the fun even now...could picture the whole on my own:P

sorry, was held up with personal stuff & had to forego this time, i'll try to make it next round... so please work "hard" & let us have a 3rd album soon!:O)