Monday, May 26, 2008

Thank you gathered your warm-hearts for Si Chuan

Today was really special day for me & everybody.
I was in the Channel 8 charity show for Si Chuan, China this evening.
It was so touched so many people gathered warm-hearts for the people of Si Chuan.
I received phone call for donate, a lot of people there for helping, I was glad that I could take part of one of it.
Thanks for everybody who made call tonight, in the end of the show, the donation reached S$6.85 million. When the host announced it, everybody expressed thanks to all.
I want to say thank you to all the people who made this out.
Also hope Korean in Singapore made phone call for it.
Thank you.
2008. 5. 25.
* Front of the waiting room at MediaCorp


Lyn said...

Lee An, thanks for your effort in helping the people in sichuan too! i think most of us did not expect you to be answering the calls for the donation, but it is definitely a surprise to everyone. Tell us more about were the callers speaking in english or mandarin? how do you handle those who speak in mandarin?

did you stay till end of the show?

Take care and hope to see you again! ^-^

Lee Hua said...

Hi Lee An,

Though you did not perform last night, yet I was glad to see you helping up. The efforts you had put in... Feeling touched~ No matter how much amount, either a small one or huge sum, it show the concern of helping others. I believe many of us doing a good job ya. Lee An also~

Please do take good care! Smile~

annie said...

안녕 리안오빠

잘 지내세요?
너무 감사합니다 for the effort in helping the people in sichuan ^^
Everybody have put in effort in the charity events..

I believe everything in sichuan will be fine..

Hope that there will be no more earthquake..

Ricia.C said...

Annyorng, Lee An^^

Glad to know that you come back with your 2nd album. I had been to your 1st album autograph session at Square 2 but couldn't make it for your autograph session last saturday as i'm having training:( Hope that you will have another upcoming one soon^^

Anyway, i'm really glad to see you helping out in the Sichuan charity show on Channel 8 last evening. Hope the victims will be strong and keep moving on!

Can't wait to check out your 2nd album and i will also stay tune for your appearance on Channel Newasia tonight:)

Lee An, Hwaiting!!!!


cheez said...

We did our parts & everything will be well again soon^^

Joanna Lee said...

Hi Lee An

I was very touched by the scenes in the charity show....

U know... I've been avoiding the news coverage of the disasters for a few days.... Because everytime I see the news or read the papers about these disasters I'll just keep crying!!

Last night was the same.... Watched the entire charity show.... went to bed after reloading the pictures onto my blog.... Got up at 3.30am to prepare for work with my SWOLLEN EYES! Terrible.... Hahaha!

But I wonder... Is this the way God is punishing us for all the wrong things human beings have been doing? It's just to cruel... But we still gotta move on...


Lee An said...

Hi Lyn
Everybody were very nervous and wanted to more thing for the donation there at that night.
Most of them speak to english and some mandarin. They just to wanted to provide phone no. and the amount. So I tried to say thanks to all the people who made call and donate.

Hi lee hua
Thanks for the message. ok, let's smile. ^ ^

Hi annie
Yes, hope no more bad thing happen in si chuan.

Hi ricia
Thanks for the message. Glad that you can find this blog. Thanks for the support, hope you like 2nd album. See you often here! ^ ^

Hi cheez
Yes, we just wait everything be well again soon. Thanks.

Hi joanna
Don't be so sad. Everything going to well soon again with lots of people's love. Thanks.