Thursday, May 29, 2008

Special gifts for fans

Yesterday I received these special gifts from Korea, by express delivery for my Singapore fans.
My company specially made it follow my own necklace shape.
Guess who will receive them.. surprise gifts from me. ^ ^

제 감사의 선물이예요!

2008. 5. 29.




chloe said...

oh nice! same as the pic in your album.

So who are the lucky ones?

천혜 said...

Oh my! It's the necklace that was in the lyrics booklet....THe necklace is sooo nice....who's the lucky one?

Lee Hua ^_^ said...

Ah~ This is the one~ Really nice~
Lee An, you are really a nice and thoughtful person towards your fans~ Aja aja fighting~

성민 said...

안녕 리안오빠,
Ah~~~ Suprise Gift!
오빠 very cheeky~
wonder who is the lucky one gets the gift!!
I like that necklace alot,
when i saw yours on the CD i was telling 천헤 how nice it was~~~

Lyn said...

yes, how are we going to get it?

Quiz?? contest?

Joanna Lee said...

Wow! So who's the lucky fans?

Specially flown in for them! So lucky!!!

By the way, I'm happy because it's finally gonna rain & I can have cooling 4days off ahead! Oh ya! & I'm looking forward to the 2 concerts I'm attending on 31st & 1st! Looking forward to them! Hahaha!


annie said...

안녕 리안오빠,

잘 있었어요?
Haven't been to your blog for sometime *haha* wow... that Necklace is very beautiful, and you have upload quite a few photos which taken at the press conference ^^

You must be very busy with your work in singapore ^^ hope the weather in singapore wouldn't be too hot for you @~@

ok... got to work... if not tonight not need to go home... *hahah*

oops..... who is the lucky ones *keke*

Take care

**SaRaNgHaEyO-OpPa** said...

The necklace is really pretty~
*stares back to CD*

You are really nice to your fans~!

lucy said...

Oh dear! so nice necklace thanks Lee An, So surprise to receive Boyi called just now. I'm so happy to be one of the lucky ones.
So happy waiting for the necklace... Hahaha!

Lee An said...

Hi everyone!
These 3 necklaces are for the winners from Y.E.S.93.3FM who took picture with me during the album launch event.
I'll prepare other gifts for next time. Hope I can have the chance soon again. ^ ^

Hi Lucy
Glad that you like it.
Thanks. ^ ^

Joanna Lee said...

Hi Lee An

So surprise to recieve the call from Bo Yi! Cant wait to get it!

Thank a lot!

See you soon!


천혜 said...

안녕 리안^^,

wow, so nice & sweet of you to prepare yet another gift for the winners^^

Li Mei said...


So kind of you, seriously!
And your fans must be very happy to recieve the special gifts!
haha.. ^^

The necklace is very beautiful..

meanwhile, do take care!

Lee Hua said...

Really sweet and nice~

cheez said... i wished i can tune back the time:P

Anonymous said...

리안 오빠.ㅎㅎ
목걸이 너무 멋져요,,
목걸이 리안 처럼,,
반짝 반짝 빛나는 가수가
되시길 바래요,,,^^

성민 said...

very nice & thoughtful of you to
prepare another gift for the winners~ Lucky them for getting e nice necklace!~

*stares at her CD*

Its really a very nice necklace~

Lee Hua said...

yes yes~ they are really lucky fans~

cheez said...

ooooh...Lucy's wearing your necklace^^

Joanna said...

Hihi Lee An!

I got my necklace! Though the weather wasn't very good when i wnet down to collect it... But it's so much nicer then I expected! Thank you so much! Just couldn't find the right angle to take a picture with it.....

I also found out how to right my name in korean! Thanks a lot! Hahaha!

So you have any plans to go back to korea to promote your album? Or will you be staying to plan for your live show next month? Looking forward to it!