Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Newspapers & Magazines

Thesedays, my Singaporean friends inform me about article about me on newspapers & magazines. I feel great that people concern me and keep cheer me up! Thank you!
Oh, btw I can't read Chinese articles, somebody can help me? ^ ^ hahaha..


Lyn said...

i will try to translate for you tonight....^^

천혜 said...

Translation for Chinese Article-
(3rd Article from the top- WB enews 31 May 2008)

His "First Time" is dedicated to Singaporean fans.Korean Singer Lee Ann sings in Mandarin in his brand new album.

After releasing his first album last year, Korean singer Lee Ann releases a brand new EP << Wo meng de wei lai>> this year. The difference between this two albums is that this time, to thank Singaporean fans and at the same time for a break through,Lee Ann sings in Mandarin.

During the interview,Lee Ann laughs, " Learning Chinese is really not an easy task, especially the pronouciation of each word!"For the sake of this album, I really had a hard time, haha."

Lee Ann added, in order to produce the best results, he worked hard in learning chinese before recording and he also got himself a interpreter for guidance.He only used half a year to complete this brand new album, this shows his sincerity in learning Chinese. Lee Ann said, " After recording, we sent the songs over to Singapore,to let the staffs listen and to give comments.Although there are only a few songs , but the songs were repeatedly being recorded,we really spent alot of time and effort in it!"

Although he spends most of his time in Korea, and only stays in Singapore for a short period of time, Lee Ann has already adapt himself to the lifestyle of Singapore.Talking about local delicacies,his eyes sparkledand said,"of all Local delicacies, I Love Hainanese Chicken rice the most!"

After the promotions in Singapore ends,Lee Ann will head back to Korea. "My company has helped me to arrange to go for interviews, photoshoots and other assignments.I may go into acting too, but everything is still in negotiation."

P.S: Sorry Lee Ann,my English is not that good, so hope you can understand ^^

성민 said...

안녕 리안오빠,

I'll translate the very 1st chinese article for you~

Here Goes!~

Korean singer lee an releases his 2nd album (Us, 我們的未來)

In Coincidence with the release of the album, his record company organized a press confrence on board the singapore flyer. Ever since the official opening of the flyer, this is the 1st time it was choosen as a venue for a Press Confrence.

Not only Lee an's press confrence is different from other artise, his album release was produced differently from other korean artise. The album consist of 3 Korean songs which also has a mix of mandarin lyrics.

For him this is a very new and daring challange, it was beacuse in the past mandarin to him is an unfamiliar language. Speaking about learning mandarin, alot of students would be complaing about how hard the language is, but how did korean artise lee an learn his mandarin? He told us that he had learnt his mandarin all by himself. Most of the time he would read comic books that are both in chinese and korean, from there he will match the words and understand the meaning.

Because his career base is in Singapore, its very tiring for him as most of the time lee an has to fly in and out of singapore and korea just like being a .

There was once while filiming his Music Video in korea's Ski center, the crew forgot to prepare a pair of gloves for him, and it left his hands freezing thru out the Music Video. The very next day he had to fly back to Hot & Humid Singapore, as both countrie's weather was different and his body wasn't able to take the weather change, he fell sick and had to stay indoor for as long as 4 days.

when asked about his status in the korean music industry, the humble lee ann says that alot of internationally well known korean singers are" at the top", and that he has only just started out, so there isnt a need for any comparison.


Hope this help you understand the article~ hehe~ I'm gg off work in 20 mintues time.. Do take care..

Lyn said...

천혜&성민has translated for you..

I have translated for you line by line...but 천혜&성민 have done a good job,so i did not post it here. (if you want it, i will send it to you)

you will be going back to Korea after the promotion ends in Singapore. Do you think we can have a fans meeting(maybe with Hainanese Chicken Rice and Durians on the menu...hahaha)??

천혜 said...

Agree with Lyn, a mini fans gathering with all your fav food sounds good ,hehehe,^^

**saranghae-oppa** said...

Anneong Lee An..
i will translate the last chinese article for you..

It says..

" Some of our readers may not be familiar with Korean singer Lee An.
But he has actually release his first album last year. With only 1 year apart ,he recently release his 2nd album US,Wo Men De Wei Lai. This EP consist of 4 songs including a instrumental.

There might be still room for improvement for his chinese pronounciation,but we should still appreciate his effort to sing in chinese for part of his songs.

During his interview last year, he revealed that he is trying hard to learn chinese, in this EP he finally "reaped what he sowed" . Happy My Star is a chinese song in his album, and although the song only lasted for 03:02 ,and not more than 250 chinese words, but from Lee An's pronounciation and articulation, we can hear that he is motivated.

Lee An's pronounciation and articulation is alo clear for a Korean singer.

Happy My Star composed by Huang Cheng Chai is a very easy-listening song; for people who prefer dynamic dance songs, you can try listening to On You Birthday.

Not to forget the song Wo Men de Wei Lai ,which is actually written by Lee An himself. There is also a paragraph of chinese lyrics, is it also written by him? "

By: Wang Ying Min

Lee An, hope my translation is not so bad ><"

Very happy that many newspapers are reporting about your new album and appreciating your effort in singing chinese~~!

Anw it is already so late...shall go and study for my upcoming test...

Have a good rest. hwaiting~!


Ricia.C said...

The girls did a great job in translating the articles. Have a nice time reading^^

Learnt that you will be leaving for Korea after your promotions in Singapore. When will that be? Hope you will have a wonderful stay here. I will definately check your first movie if you have any!

Hm...will you be able to receive the gifts if we send to Boom Korea Entertainment? Because am thinking of giving you something before you leave=)

Anyway, do have a good gathering with fans before you leave..Take care!!!

당신은 좋은 가수이다 (Hope it is correct^^). Enjoy your songs alot. Keep Fighting!!!


Lee An said...

Hi, Lyn, 천혜, 성민, 졔시!
Thanks for all the translations, it must took quite some times right? 고마워요!! ^ ^
Now I can understand what they mentioned, and thanks to their nice articles.
About fans meeting, yes, I hope I can have the chance soon.
Let's discuss about it on my next article together. Thanks!

Hi Ricia Ssi!
Thanks for the comment again. ^ ^
And yes, you can send to my company, then I can receive it.
좋은 가수가 되도록 더욱 노력하겠습니다! ^ ^

cheez said...

thanks for all the translating effort! with my poor mandarin...it's really so much easier reading in the translated version^^

i don't mind to meet for a session of durians!!! heee...if there's one:P my favourite fruit...

umm, can ask Lee An to open at least one durian for us? tough job for girls to do it^^ & it be very sweet to be done by Lee An obba:O)