Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fan club? ^ ^

Hi everybody!

I heard happy news from my company, they received some request from fans about set up fan club in Singapore. I also saw some of yours comment about it on this blog. I'm a bit shy to write something about it by myself here. haha.. But wish to make a topic for everybody who can share each other's idea on here. ^ ^

Thanks for it!

2008. 6. 4.



천혜 said...

Annyeong Lee Ann^^,

Will be great to have a Singapore Fan Club^^ so that we fans can get to know more about you through gatherings and we fans can get to know each other more and share our views and info ^^.Hope that the fan club will be set up soon ^^ Aja,Aja!

Lyn said...

yes, i'm happy to hear that the company has plan to set up a fan club for you!!!

Is the fan club going to be handled by the company or by the fans themselves?

Hope that the fan club can have the 1st gathering before you go back to Korea...^^---^^

Li Mei said...

ahh~ fans club?

looking forward to the 1st fans club gathering if there any in further~ ^^

see you soon!

성민 said...

안녕 리안오빠,

Wow! a Singapore Fan Club is good~
Its will let all of us meet all the fans around singapore and also we can get to knw more about you~
hope that e Fan club will be up soon~~~

^^ Aja Aja Fighting!

Joanna Lee said...

Great! Should be soon!

Really hope to have a fans gathering before u go back to Korea....

Lee An said...

Hi everybody again!
Thanks for the comment. My Singapore fan club won't be handled by the company. So please discuss on here freely, and let my company know. Hope have chance to meet up all of you soon too! ^ ^

annie said...

haha...... hmmm..... should be soon ^^

**saranghae-oppa** said...

Great one~

so that fans can interact also..
a place where all fans can gather~



**saranghae-oppa** said...

looking forward to your mini concert in one of the polytechnic..

hopefully is @ my school~~~
wooooo ><


Lee Hua said...

Really great to have Lee An own fanclub in Singapore! We can able to know more about Lee An, also to get everyone well who been supporting. Setting a fanclub isn't easy but I believer our unity can do it. Yeah yeah, let's us discuss what we can do and give ideas. We can share a lots... I believe many of us willing to help up. Keke~

Lee An, you may share and discuss with us.

Let's work well n hard together.

Lyn said...

my opinion:
The 2 most important things to do now are:
1)think of the name of the fans club.
2)to set up a website(forum)

these 2 things should be done first and ASAP.

I'm not an IT person, someone can help in the setup of the forum? or should we use yahoo group for the time being?

hope all these can be decided before end of June so that we can arrange for 1st fans meeting with Lee An in july??? ^_^

Lyn said...

i have start the ball rolling by setting a temporary forum at yahoo group..

all of you can discuss it at

Lyn said...

i'm sorry everyone...i think some alphabets were missing from the link i had given earlier..

The correct URL:

cheez said...

A fans club? tatz a great suggestion! er, am neither a good with pc & internet...just let me know the site & i'll view as often:P

& yes Lee An obba, (if u are still around) don't ever go back Korea without a fans get-together with us please^^ looking forward to the hai nan chicken rice cum/or durians session:P

천혜 said...

Thanks Lyn^^, for settin' up the Yahoo Group

I am not a very IT-suaved person too but if there is any need to design any club Tees or Banner,, I will be most willing to volunteer^^

Lee Hua said...

agreed with lyn... we may start from the basic. Hmm... thinking of the name now...

Li Mei said...

Thank you Lyn for setting up a Yahoo Group!

I just joined in! ^^

anyway, last time i used to set up a Yahoo Group before, so if there something that you don't know just come to me!

It will be my pleasant to help out!

lets think about the name!!

천혜 said...

Annyeong Everyone,

was on my way home and thought of a name for the fan club, therefore decided to share with you all^^

The Chinese Name is "爱里安乐窝"( literally "Love Lee An Home")If you break up the words, "爱里" meaning Love Lee (Love Lee An),"安乐窝" is some sort like" home sweet home" kind of meaning. And if you combine together, "爱里安乐窝"Lee An's Chinese name is in the centre.
Hope this suggestion can help in some ways ^^

Joanna Lee said...

WOW! Very nice name!

leehua said...

feel like being in a lovely home~ a family supporting lee an~

Ricia.C said...

Annyorng everybody^^

Happy to know that there are plans about setting up fan clubs for Lee An & you girls are already in the midst of discussions=) This will definately helps to strengthen the Singapore market for our oppa!!!

Thanks Lyn for setting up the temporary yahoo group^^ I like the name that 천혜 has came up with: "爱里安乐窝" I thought it's sweet and heartwarming..& i do agree with Lee Hua that it is like a lovely home for fans who support Lee An.

I have come up with this name, hope that helps with the contribution for the name of the fan club: ~ 安在传奇里~(An zai chuan qi li[lee])

传奇, in chinese, means Legend, with Lee An's name being placed oppositely (i.e. An Lee) at the start and end. I thought of this name as Lee An is the first Korean Artist who focus his market in Singapore, so it's like a 'legend' to us who love Lee An and Korea music..

I'm not good at setting up forum/ fanclub but i can help to ask around and i will be glad to contribute ideas/ comments if possible:)

Wish the fanclub for Lee An a success. Hwaiting!!!


cheez said...

hey! both names for the fan club is nice...thought of extending his name somehow...but in the english name...just couldn't get anything out:P

let's wait for a few more suggestions...then we can cast a vote! heee...i'll try to crack my brain hard this weekends again...hope won't be too late for submission...haaa...

btw, pardon me...i don't know how to use the yahoo group...oops...that's why am back here replying instead...yes, am mountain tortoise freak:P

천혜 said...

Hey,Ricia's suggested name for the FC is nice and cool too ^^
Great to see everyone contributing ideas ...^^ really hope that the FC can be set up soon and we can get to know each other better ^^~

leehua said...

yes yes~ we can discuss as usual and vote for the fc name... let's go for it~

lucy said...

HiHi.. Lee An & everyone,

Oops! I saw my photo... So Shy.

Great to have SFC for Lee An. We fans can get to know him more. I like (Love Lee An Home), Sori, I'm not gd in Pc or internet.
I'm quite intersted to be Lee An FC, (hope to know more abt him)

Lee An said...

Hi everybody!
Thanks for all of yours precious oppinion. ^ ^
I'm very exciting to see what & how my SFC going to be. Can't wait to see it soon! Thanks for everybody's effort!
즐거운 주말 되세요!

cheez said...

Umm, am so late here:P

hope the rest still checking this out^^

adding on with my thoughts to this:

Lee’s ideal moments
里想 与安同在 (to me, his ambition can also be read as our ideal moments as he "grows" in singapore with our company)

lucy said...

Hi lyn, i'm trying to go into the website that u give. Why can't. Pls help?

chloe said...

Creativity & coming up with names are definitely not my forte.

But I'll give it a try...gotten some inspiration from Ricia.C.

Here's my two cents worth...

1) 安在新(心)里 后援会
2) 里安 ∙ 在新(心) 后援会

I wanted to play with the words abit. Hence the word 新 which represents Spore fanclub & it also has the same pronouciation as 心 meaning the heart...