Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Y.E.S.93.3FM Happy My Star Lee An Live

Y.E.S.93.3FM Happy My Star Lee An Live
(Opposite Vivocity, Harbour Front MRT)
DATE & TIME: 28 JUNE 2008, SAT, 10.00PM

Meet Korean sensation Lee An at Dragonfly
A night of live Korean-Mandarin music experience

Age limit : 18 for female, 23 for male guests
Exclusive admission : Free admission for guests who hold Lee An’s 2nd album

Presented by Boom Korea Pte Ltd
Co-organizer : Y.E.S.93.3FM
Venue Sponsor : Dragonfly


Lee Hua said...

oh~ finally~
hmm... though it is late night, but will still go down for support~

Joanna Lee said...

Yeah! Finally!!! Good venue!!!
Could stay on or adjourn to Power House after the event!

Lyn said...


i agreed that the time is a little too late...:)

천혜 said...

Yes! Finally the wait is over^^ hehehe...sure will go down to give u my fullest support ^^

Joanna Lee said...

so excited! but now my colleague say he might not be able to change shift with me.... will try to convince him!

Must really go down to support u!

Anonymous said...

Noted ^^

hmmm.... will also like to check with others, if anyone wanna join Lee An FC (^o^)

Please email us your details to

We can meet up and go to the events and support him ^^

aja aja hwaiting

lucy said...

Yeah! i agreed that the time is too late, tat's my sleeping time.. Opps! Nvm still will go there to support u.

Tat's good we can need up.

aja aja hwaiting

Lee An said...

Thanks for all your SUPPORTS!!!
Yes, the time a bit late night, but it will be fun when I have all of you there again!
Will meet you there on next Sat night! ^ ^

Juana said...

Oh, may I know which is the 2nd album? Birth or US?

Juana said...

Oh, May I know which is the 2nd album? Birth or US?

Juana said...

Oh, it is quite late, but still will support. May I know which is the 2nd album? Birth or US?

Lyn said...


2nd album is 'US'

lucy said...

Hi juana,
2nd album is US. Pls remember to go down to support.

**saranghae-oppa** said...


Wouldn't be able to go down for the event because i am "underage"... although 18 but still had to ask father for permission and father does't allow..


But i wish this event a huge success ^_^



Juana said...

I'm very sorry to repeat so many times as I left the comment for first time, and don't know how to operate... Sure will be there to support that night. BTW, I would like to join the fc too. Pls inform me when it is formed.

Joanna Lee said...

Hi Juana

We are in the process of setting up the FC. Will keep u updated once we've confirm about the FC. See u on Sat!

Lee An

All the best for Sat's performance! Cant wait to see your performance again!

Anonymous said...

dear lee an

wishing u all the best for successful performance this weekend!!

jia you!

lucy said...

Hi Lee An,
Good performance tonight, Me & my fren enjoy it.
On the 11 july @ NYP how r we going to see?