Thursday, June 19, 2008

[News] Second Helping "R" Us, Teens Magazine

[Teens Magazine, July issue]


Lyn said...

Wow! this is the longest article/interview that we have seen..

I'm sure everyone can feel the sincerity of the reporter covering this article..Asked so many questions but we are happy about it. A nice article on you..!


cheez said...

right! it's a good coverage...helped us to understand more too...oh, i also noticed that this site had changed so much...haaa...from the colour to the flow of certain much prettily done up^^

Lee Hua said...

it is a good one which we can get to know more about leean ^^

chloe said...

Like your last quote in the article.

**saranghae-oppa** said...

Ths is a really good article on you.. like the interaction between you and write =)


Lee An said...

Hi everyone!
Thanks for the comments.
Yes, I like the article very much too.

and cheez... thanks for the noticed about the change of my blog. hahaha.. I like red color so much! ^ ^

천혜 said...

Yes~ a nice article indeed which help us to get to know u better^^.

Nice change of blog too ^^

Seeya comin'Saturday!