Wednesday, June 25, 2008

[Invitation] - 送!里安音乐会入场券!

Poster from Dragonfly "送!里安音乐会入场券!"

新鲜动一动 好礼源源送











Anonymous said...

contest whao!
but i thought the admission
only need Leean 2nd album...
Ticket is needed too???

Anonymous said...

Hi Hi,
No, it's another admission ticket who don't have Lee An's 2nd album.
^ ^ Those hold Lee An's 2nd album, then no need to apply it.
Just bring your CD please!! ^ ^

Anonymous said...

I have a query. So does that means those who don't hv Lee An's 2nd album and the ticket at the same time cannot participate in the event even if they pay for Dragonfly's entrance fee?

Anonymous said...

Oh, no.. what I mean was, if someone dosen't have Lee An's latest album 'Us' or invitation from, also still can join the showcase with Dragonfly entrance fee. It's open to public. ^ ^

cheez said...

i guess this contest is for the readers of who are interested about the showcase...yet don't have the album...anyway, either one is the pass to enter!

& those usual clubbers who patronised dragonfly & don't know both will just pay to enter like their usual nights...

maybe we have priviledged seats? haaa...way right in front the stage? heee...

**saranghae-oppa** said...


I am curious about the school concert at Nanyang Poly... Are outsiders allowed in??

(T_T not NgeeAnn Poly~)


Lee Hua said...

yo yo yo~
tomorrow can able to listen to Lee An to sing for us again~
will be enjoying ya~

chyii said...


may be you can try to go there and ask.. i think you can go , they may allow. ou jus act like u are the student there can le..:P

lisha said...

> to **saranghae-oppa**
Maybe possible? Not sure. But yay, i'm from Nanyang! xD Will be there to support! ^^

By the way Lee An oppa, do you happen to have any favourite Korean artists? xD (just asking out of interest)

팬더 곰 said...

오늘공연 GOOD!!! ㅎㅎ
리안씨 넘 멋있고 노래도 잘해요!
ㅋㅋㅋㅋ... 중국어도 잘해요~
리안씨 다시봤어서 너무 기뻐요~
앞으로도 공연에서 봐요 ^^
화이팅! and 중국어 공부화이팅!


Lyn said...

i think Lee An's yesterday's performance was reported on the news today...article and video of it can be found at:
(click on the video icon beside the words "韩国歌手学华语 搭建新韩大舞台"

韩国歌手学华语 搭建新韩大舞台
29 June 2008






Lyn said...

btw, i have uploaded the video i have record on that day Song:"On your birthday" the last song he sang at Dragonfly)in youtube..

(p.s. the quality is not very good, please bear with it) ^^_^^

Lee An said...

Hi 졔시
So we can meet on NYP shcool concert right? ^ ^ see you there!

Hi Lyn
Thanks for the article. ^ ^
See you soon!