Friday, June 13, 2008

A gift from Sung Min

Hi everyone! Da Jia Hao!

These days the weather really hot. I'm busy with preparing next schedule. Will have the chance to meet everybody soon. The weather hot, so I need, we need drink a lot of water! ^ ^

Drink water, this word for me, and for other Koreans a bit 'new' word when we can hear in Singapore very common. When we see doctor in Korea, the must do list, 1st one is injection, after that take medicine. But in Singapore, sometimes when we see doctor, injection hardly get one, and doctor always said, 'Drink more water!'. First time when I hear it, I thought 'I'm sick, but doctor only can help me say, dirnk water???' hahaha... yes, now I understand. Drink water is very important thing to do for keep healty body, especially in Singapore, due to hot hot hot weather, we must drink water!!! A LOT!!! ^ ^

Thanks for the sweet gift Sung Min.
It's beautiful gift. Did you make it by yourself? ^ ^

즐거운 주말 보내세요!

2008. 6. 13.


**saranghae-oppa** said...

Very nice!

Yeh.. Drink more water...
Duo Her Shui~!!


숭민 said...


Ya I did it myself~ haha~
really glad that you like it...

Hope that there will be a gathering with oppa soon~

Aja Aja Fighting~

Anonymous said...

hello again Lee An... *grin*

hahaha it was kind of funny.. the interpretion of water drinking here and in korea when u go see doctor.... yah yah .. it's very important here to drink plenty as we pespire alot in these humid weather.

One more thing i'd like to add is .. from your CNA interview , you speak well , i like your answers to all the questions as it's short and sweet (precise.. straight to the point) .. and.....yar great tt you've got a distinct s'porean accent too .. ^^

I wish you all the best in your career and things can only get better!!.... Fwighting!!!


Lee An said...

Hi 졔시!
Ok, I will Duo He Shui! ^ ^

성민! You did it yourself! Wow... what a amazing gift. Thanks, and yes, hope to see you soon at fans gathering!

Hi lisa
Thanks for your comment. I'm glad that you like the CNA interview. ^ ^ Hope you see you here often. Thanks.