Sunday, May 25, 2008

Thank you 고맙습니다

Today was my 2nd album launch event day in Singapore.
I managed to log on my blog and read all the comments which everybody wrote here during thesedays. I want to say Thank you, 고맙습니다 to everybody who was there for me.
Even the venue was outside, quite worried whether the place is too hot.
Hope can have more opportunities meet everybody again soon.

Another topic, I will take part of tomorrow's charity concert on Channel 8, from 7pm.
Hope more people can donate and deliver warm-heart to China.
I'm glad that I can take part of it, can do little thing on it.

Hope everybody rest well too.
Good night!


2008. 5. 24.


annie said...

Yes sir.... we will deliver warm-heart to China...

It sad to see the news regards to china earthquake.. we will do what we can ^^ ...

yup... will stay tune to tomorrow tv for the charity show (^o^)...

Joanna Lee said...

Hi Lee An

Was a little late to leave a message here, cause I was uploading your pictures....

Anyway, your performance today was great! Though the weather was so terrible.... The weather's not meant for human.... Hahaha

Your mandarin was great too! You really put in a lot of hard work to learn the language....

Thank you once again for obliging to all our request.... Really appreciate it! Thank you!

Waiting for your next album & look forward to see you again! Maybe in the airport if you depart from Terminal 1.... Hahaha!


천혜 said...


Great to see you today...Sure! we will stay tune to the charity show tomorrow and do our part to help the children by calling the donation hotline.

SungMin said...

Annyeong Lee An,

Was at your event today~ your performance was great! yup it was a very hot day today or should i say everyday!

I will sure donate for tomorrow charity show~ Good luck for your performance tomorrow!

I also do wish to see more of your performances and also I am looking forward to your new album~

Aja Aja Fighting!

Lee Hua said...

Hi Hi~

Thanks for letting me and my friends have a fun and memorable day during the event. You are a nice and cute guy. The songs are nice too. Do continue to work hard and able to sing more to us in future. We are there to support for you always.

Yes yes, we will be donating no matter how. It is a show of concern. Helping others will make ownself a great day!

Though we are unable to be on spot to cheer for you tml. But we will cheer for you when watching the charity performace from the TV. Lee An, fighting~

Look forward to see you again!

Lee Hua ^_^

Li Mei said...


You did great today!
I really enjoyed the performance and your chinese speak well too!

Looking toward to the charity show tomorrow.

Take care.

annie said...

아... all my friends is here to leave message for 리안 오빠...

리안 오빠 사랑해요 ...
remember ... ㅋㅋㅋ

yaWnz.. sleeping (**)

Lee Hua said...

Annyeong Lee An~

Saranhangyo 사랑해요~ oopz~ keke~

Have a good rest!

Lyn 누나 said...

yes...i will call the hotline when you appear on tv..... :)

i heard that you will be appealing for donation only, not performing.....nevertheless, this is a good chance for singaporeans to know you....


Lee An said...

Good moring everybody again!
Thanks annie, so meet you today again through TV. ^ ^ annie & Li Hua, 나도 사랑해요!

joanna, I remember your name, thanks for coming down. Yes, let's try to meet up again T1 hahaha..
Could you leave the link where you uploaded picture? ^ ^

천혜! oh, I did mis spell you name right? sorry about it. Yes, please stay tune with the channel, deliver out warm-heart to China together.

안녕 성민!
Thanks for the message. I'll try to make more opportunities meet up everybody again soon.
For today's program, I won't have performance, will take part of make announcement by English & Korean. So that can encourage those Korean who living in Singapore also can donate together. ^ ^ you will be still together right? 감사합니다!

Hi lee hua!
Thanks, glad that know you enjoy yesterday. Please be together during tonight!

Hi li mei!
Thanks! xie xie! I will try more on my Chinese, next time, we may can talk each other by Chinese! haha

Hi Lyn 누나
Yes, please make more phone call for donation for China. It really something meaningful thing we can do all together.

성민 said...

안녕 리안오빠,

감사합니다 for replying my message!

You won't be having any performance today on the show??? 왜? its such a pity~ I was actually looking forward to your performance today!

Anyway do take care & hope to see you again real soon~~

lucy said...

Thanks! Lee An, for replying my comment back yesterday, Sure... i will tune in to tonight charity show to support.

Waiting for your next album. Not fully chinese song also nevermind some korea song.. it's ok, we also like it.. Keep it up! (^0^)

Joanna Lee said...

Hi Lee An

Hmmmm.... It's in my blog... I don't mind giving it to you but is there anyway I can give it to you privately rather then show it to all?

I'm not sure if you can see the URL... I did input it when this system request to input an Identity...

We'll think of a way if you can't my URL...

All the best!



천혜 said...

안녕 리안^^,

thanks for replying...No worries, you did not mis spelled my name, maybe it's Sungmin's one which was mis spelled,괜찮아요^^
Great performance yesterday, can see that you've put in alot of effort in the new album,love this new album, very catchy songs...Keep on workin' hard and bring us more good songs ok? Fighting, Fighting, Jia You!!!

Seeya on TV tonight!

chloe said...

Great performance yesterday. The turnout wasn't too bad despite the hot weather. I had fun.

Agreed with Lyn that your appearance on TV will provide an opportunity for S'peans to know you and it is also for a good cause.

Happy for you...

성민 said...

리안오빠 is looking good wearing glasses~~~
리안 오빠 사랑해요!!!!!

*Yawn* I am going to sleep soon as i have to work tomorrow~

오빠rest well & take care~

천혜 said...


yeah, agreed with 성민 that you look good in specs.Touched to see you doing your part for charity by helping to answer the calls...Thumbs Up for you!
Have a good rest & seeya on CNA's interview tomorrow^^

Good Night ,Sweet Dreams :P

Anonymous said...

was introduced by my friend about you.. nice to get to know you. =)

**SaRaNgHaEyO-OpPa** said...

Anneong 리안

my name is 졔시 (Jessie)... but is ok.. the name 졔혜 is nice too..
thanks for reading the fanletter =)

although you didnt perform today but it is really nice of you to take part in the charity concert to help the people in China..
It is really sad to see them suffering..

Oh..and i just listened to your interview on radio..thank you for liking Singapore..i like Korea too~ you are so cute when u answer the question about being romantic..

Have a good rest after your promotions. Hwaiting~!


Lee An said...

안녕? 제시?
미안해요. 이름이 틀려서.
Thanks for the fan letter again, yes, I remember the durian cake, in face I like durian very much, so it was one of very good gift for me. Thanks.
The charity show, yes, it is really sad. Hope we can do more things for them.
About the dance, hahaha.. ok, I will try more harder.

**SaRaNgHaEyO-OpPa** said...

와~!!! 우리 오빠들 너무 멋있다~!!!!
ㅋㅋㅋ ^^

thanks for sharing these pictures...

i just realise i have school activity until 830pm and cant watch your interview... T___T

do u know when will there be a repeat?? T___T


Joanna Lee said...

Hi Lee An

Thank you....