Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lee An's 2nd album release out 15th of May

Lee An's 2nd Album "US"
Release on 15th of May
Album Launch Event
Dae : 24th of May
Time : 4pm
Venue : Junction 8, Open Plaza
Event Host : FM93.3 DJ Li Yi


Elyse said...

Hi Lee An,

This is great news! I will be there for the album launch


Lyn said...

Lee An..!!

i like the cover of the album....very very nice,좋하해요!!!

5월24일에 만나요!!

Lyn said...

sorry Lee An, i think i wrote the word '좋하'wrongly....(but could not make correction now as i'm in the office which do not have the software for me to write in korean)...

cheez said...

Wow wow! yippee yippee!!!^^ congrats! can't wait to grab a copy of the album:P a week more to counting down to next thursday...haaa...

chloe said...

Yes! Finally! Jia You!

Lee An said...

Hi da jia hao!^ ^
elyse, lyn, cheez, chloe!
Thank you! We will meet on 24th of May soon!

garden said...

리안 오빠
추카추카 해요~
오빠 음악 너무 조아요~