Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Y.E.S. 93.3FM 里安 “US, 我们的未来” 签唱会

24 May, 4pm, Junction8


chloe said...

Great performance!

And thanks for being so obliging to all the requests.

천혜 said...


Thanks for uploading the pics..weather was hot ...but we enjoyed ourselves with your great performance^^

Lyn said...

thanks for the photos.. 1 of my friends is in 1 of the photos!! hahaha....i'm going to tell her now..... (*a sigh of relief: lucky my photo is not up there.. hehehe..you don't remember how i look like but remembered my name only, so it's a blessing in disguise for me...haha)

yes...singapore weather is always like that. but it's better than raining(when it rains, shoppers in the airconditioned area will not walk to the open plaza)..

with a little bit more of exposure on tv recently, i'm sure you more singaporeans will get to know you..

you are on the show 'On the beat' tonight! good!! good!! more exposure....

Good luck!!

Li Mei said...

Hello! *waves~

Thanks for uploading the photos.. Nice photos~

Your performace was great although the weather was hot but we really enjoyed ourselves.. ^^

Hope to see you soon again!
Take care.. \(o^.^o)/

**SaRaNgHaEyO-OpPa** said...

Thank you for sharing these nice pitures =)

All the best and take good care =)


Lee An said...

Hi chloe
Thanks for be there. ^ ^ 고마워요!

Hi 천혜, Lyn, li mei, 졔시!
안녕? Thanks, hope to see you soon on next performance! ^ ^

천혜 said...


Sure, will look forward to your next performance,hopefully a longer one ^^so that we can enjoy more of your songs !

Elyse said...

Hi! Was a great performance on Saturday. I enjoyed all the songs, and my favourite is the first song "Us". It's catchy and I hum it all the time now...sometimes unconsciously!

The 4th ballad song is one of my favourite from the 1st album...and you still managed to move me from that performance. Thanks Lee An for bringing back the memories :)

Lee An said...

HI elyse thanks for coming from Jakarta.

고마워요 elyse..
(xie xie ni jiu shi xie xie ni - hahaha)

화이팅 & jia you & COME ON