Monday, May 26, 2008

Y.E.S.93.3FM Lee An "US" Press conference

23rd May, 2008
@ Singapore Flyer


Pii-ch@n.CoM said...

♥ Nice profile^^
♥ God Bless

천혜 (Wallis) said...

Good Morning ^^,

Hey nice pics...The Flyer is just beside my office yet I havent got the chance to take a ride on it yet...So how do you feel by having a press conference on the Flyer?I find it very special ^^

성민 said...

안녕 리안오빠,

Wow! so many new pictures!
and your press confrence was on Singapore Flyer! WAH!
you sure have a very nice view of singapore from the flyer!

리안오빠 아자,아자,화이팅!

Lee Hua said...

Good morning ^_^

Nice photos you have... So nice to have a press conference inside the Flyer cabin~ Something new~ Do you enjoy?

cheez said...

It must be fun holding a press conference on the flyer! great scenary...a charming u...all attention just on u...what else? guess u were the 1st to hold such events there...

am waiting to hop on for a ride soon:O)

Joanna Lee said...

It is fun to be on the SGP Flyer.... But i guess you didn't really had fun...

Because you are having your press conference, so how to have fun? Hahaha!

I was amazed by the view from the top.... But I wanna go again.... To see the night view of SGP.... Because the previous time I went in the day.... I belief the night view will be more fantastic! Wonder who to call along.... Gotta find somebody suitable.... Hahaha!

I'm tired... I'm working morning shifts all the way from today til 29th... Tired because I cant sleep at night & I need to wake up at 3.30am! "Sobz" :(

Hope you have a good day today!


Lyn said...

a suggestion to Lee An.....hehehe..for the benefits of the fans..... maybe you can have a mini fans meeting on board the singapore flyer next time...i'm sure we don't mind paying for the ride.. ^^_^^

i like your dressing for this press conference.(blue and the best....and looks good on you!)

Lyn said...

the interview on Channelnewasia(CNA) is way too short...! nevertheless, i think it's still good for you to be there as CNA is broadcast worldwide..!!!

hope your popularity goes up and up and more people will get to know you,in singapore and other countries...


chloe said...

That's a good suggestion...a fans gathering on board Spore Flyer. It will benefit those who have yet to been there as well as those who would want to visit again.

Catch your interview on CNA. I think you could have expanded your answers to the questions asked. Was it because of the short time allocated to you?

Lee Hua said...

Wa~ good and cute idea everyone has... yes yes~ will be a nice one if able to hold a mini gathering inside the Flyer~ A special one...

Lee An said...

Hi, pii-ch!
Nice to meet you, hope to see you more often.

Hi everyone!
Thanks for the comments.
Yes, the press conference was quite unique, indeed it was 1st press conf. at the Singapore Flyer in the capsule. I'm appreciate to SF gave me this chance, be the 1st artiste who did press conf. at world biggest ferris wheel.

Yes, CNA interview, was a bit short but still ok. Thanks.

Fans meeting, yes, cute idea, I hope can make it someday, I will discuss with my company. ^ ^

Hope everybody having good afternoon time!