Thursday, May 29, 2008

[News] 里安看动画片学华语

28 May 2008

日期:28/05/2008 编导:黄施嫣 记者:黄施嫣 摄像:林上德 剪辑:陈欣颖 摄影:Wilson Koh




**SaRaNgHaEyO-OpPa** said...

미니 콘서트가?!?!
기다리다!!!!!! ><



Elyse said...

안녕 리안씨,

Wow must be a great view from the Singapore Flyer, hope you managed to enjoy some of the scenery despite the on-going Press Conference

Thanks for the link to the video footage, I enjoyed watching it!

Ricia.C said...

Annyorng Lee An^^

Nice views taken at Singapore Flyer!!

I had listened to your 2nd album. Although there are only 3 songs but i love them all=)The songs are very catchy. My fav song is 'Happy my Star'..

Happy to know that you are the producer for this album. You did a good job in singing the mandarin lyrics, esp. the 3rd song: On Your Birthday.

From your first album, 'The Birth' to this album, 'US', I always like the way you hold your last and high notes (hope that you understand what i mean^^). Very nice=)

Anyway, i'm glad to be able to communicate with you through this blog^^ am happy to know that you are getting more publicity in Singapore. Wish you all the best in local and Korea!!!

Lee An, Hwaiting!!!


Lee An said...

Hi Ricia

Thanks for your comments about my new album.
Today I have a private function, so woke up earlier than usual day. When I read your comment about my last and high notes (yes I think I understand what you mean), I feel great that can share some of my singing part with you.
Yes, glad that we can communicate through this blog. See you more often! Thanks! Have good day!^ ^

안녕? 졔시? ^ ^
네.. 미니 콘서트가 곧 있을거예요.
다시 만나요!

안녕 elyse씨!
Glad that you enjoyed watching it!
Hope I can prepare more things soon and share with you! ^ ^

Ricia.C said...

Annyorng Lee An^^

How's your weekends? Hope you had enjoyed it. It's great to see that you are making effort to reply to every message despite your busy schedules.

Learnt that one of the shooting locations for 'US' MV is Myeongdong. I just visited Seoul this March & i stayed at Myeongdong:) It is a happening street but the weather is very cold at night*><* I like the fact that there is a performing stage for the youngster to showcase their talent. Is nice=)

I'm happy to receive your reply & it must be a long day for you yesterday. Ye, see you more often in this blog^^ Take good care & have a great week ahead!

Lee An, Hwaiting!!!