Saturday, December 27, 2008

Back to Tropical paradise, Singapore

Hi Everyone! Long time no see!
I got 2 babies, Aegi & Taggy!

After long journey in Korea, finally back to tropical paradise, Singapore last night.
A bit worry about if the weather too hot, but it was ok.

When I arrived at Changi airport on last night, I felt very 'Shu Fu'.
Thanks for take care of Taggy and Aegi.

Wish you all & me have great new year on 2009!
I hope we will meet soon again!

Do you have any party plan? ^ ^

2008. 12. 27.


su said...

Kekanda... U are back in S'pore??


Eh... Party?? New Year's Party??

Are you organizing??

Lee Hua said...

Welcome back!
The weather here is hot...
You want a party?
ze men yang de party ne...

Halimah said...

Wah...somebody using more Chinese words...hahaa..

Anyway, welcome welcome...loads of things to unpack ba?

eve said...

Hello Leean,
Welcome back!!
How's the trip in Korea?
Can tell us the stories?

Zoey said...

Hyeong,you're back~~

New Year's Party?? really??? >.<
*prays hard that i dont have to work that day*

Joanna Lee said...

Hello Lee An!

Welcome back! Wanted to go to your arrival gate last night but had a huge crowd in my shop at that time...

Yesterday's weather was good but not today.... I had a bad headache from the bus journey to work...

I guess u & Boyi will miss the weather in Korea soon!

lucy said...

Welcome back!

Ah! Party? Hmm... what kind of party you want?

Countdown party?

kstruck said...

어제 너무 재미있다! ^^

But my allergy is working T.T The rashes are out ><


Lee An said...

su/Lee Hua
yes, i'm back.
Oh.. the party.. I just wondered what you have your own. Just asking.. ^ ^

Yes, shu fu ^ ^ trying to get use to this hot weather ^ ^

Thanks, the trip was great.. hope next year more people can enjoy the tour together!

Dong Saeng! yes, i'm back.
The party.. um... haha... just asking only. party with me, let's wait some news soon! ^ ^

It's ok. the arrival time was very late, early morning 1.30am.
Thanks for send me off and welcome me always for the 1st person at the airport. hahaha
Don't over work, rest well also. ^ ^

Yes, I want countdown party with all of you, but not this time, the time too short to prepare is it? ^ ^
Hope next year we can have one big party together in Korea! hahaha

hope you are well from the allergy!
^ ^