Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lee An Korea Winter Tour Day 7 : See you in Singapore soon!


su said...

the guy can really carry you!! He's form one of the tour people??
You must be very happi, rite.. ^_^

The road looks very foggy.. hope you had a smooth journey ..

Take care & hope to see you back in S'pore too!!

regine said...

not fair :(
i was not there!

Doris Teo said...

ooh...some more photos being uploaded...hope to see Lee An in Singapore soon...

cheez said...

wow! you guys went to so many the tour had ended...have a good rest & recharge yourself...Merry Christmas in advance! & see u soon^^

Lee An said...

yes, we call him 'huang shi fu', very nice guy ^ ^ met another good friend!

Yes, we missed you at the airport!
did you enjoy extend stay in Korea?

Hi, nice to see you here!
I hope see all of you in Singapore soon too! ^ ^

yes, cheez, next year go together!!! yi ding! ^ ^
Happy new year!