Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanks for share with me 1st fans gathering tonight

Hi everyone!
Just came back another schedule after fans gathering.
I feel really happy tonight during fans gathering & Christmas party with all of you.
Even I had 5 beautiful brides this evening Min, Su, Pam, Melia and underage bride Li Mei... wow... hahaha (Li Mei, I think I need to ask your mom to 허락 about our wedding. hahaha) Thanks for be my brides... ^ ^

Su with the bear was cute.
Happy birthday again to Joanna.
Thanks for rush down from the prom night Meiqi, Zoey and Hui Min.
Thanks for the preparation to Wendy, Lee Hua, Sung Min, Chun Hye and Li Mei, Xue Fen Special thanks for be there Jacq, Swee Har and Thomas, Mr. Yang(Director of KTO) and Aidan It was really happy gathering for me too!
Hope all of you also enjoyed!! ^ ^ Did you enjoy???

I will upload some photos!

* Part 1 : Gifts preparation (@Boom Korea office)

sign with indivisual messages


^ ^

Part 2 : Gathering start! (@ Korea Plaza)

goodie bags from KTO

decorations.. haha.. the pictures so fun!

Christmas gifts pouch & lunch draw box for brides

reception.. ^ ^

Korea Plaza at Samsung Hub

Fans arriving




Mr. Yang Moon Soo from KTO and Korea Ulsan TV station


^ ^

^ ^

^ ^

^ ^
Kimbap ingredients

Chef, me hahaha

starting Kimbap session

Everybody looks serious! ^ ^

Special guest from Teens Magazine, Thomas! He made beautiful Kimbap, better than mine! haha

^ ^

Christmas feeling cookies, very cute.. thanks.. ^ ^

Musical chair

^ ^

The winner is su!

Big pinky bear for her

annie! 투호를 열심히 하는 중! ^ ^

My bride, Min!

su ^ ^

Pam ^ ^

I love you~


Li Mei, my under age bride.. haha

Christmas gifts pouch! ^ ^

annie the winner of 투호!

^ ^

^ ^

^ ^

Group photo!

Nice sweet photato rice cake! ^ ^

Thanks so much!

[Photo by Lee Hua]

Photo Part 3 * Pink Bear's Journey to KTO

I went Taka and made some round to find the 보물

음... you looks good...

Ok, 당첨! Shall we go?

You are my 곰돌이! kiss kiss~

Gave to 2 ladies hard working... and safely dive in!

화이트 크리스마스를 싱가폴에서 함께~

sitting on front seat to heading to KTO hahaha...
(I wished to make some hall to let the bear breathing..)

And pinky bear now in su's room.. hahaha ^ ^


Apple said...

Annyonghaseyo Lee An Ssi,

Your party with the fans were so fun and the photos were well taken. A bit regret that i was not able to join this fun party due to work schedule. Hope you enjoy the winter trip at Korea. Take care

Lee An said...

안녕하세요! 애플 씨~
Hi, yes, hope next time you can join ^ ^ thanks, will depart this Friday night flight...
hope to come back soon! ^ ^

Joanna Lee said...

Thank u too for having this fans gathering!

We had a lot of fun though I was still sick.... Went to work this morning but came back at 10am... Feeling very sick so had to visit the doctor again....

So I'll see u & Boyi on Friday night! I'll finish work around the time u check in.

I'm gonna rest now.... U take care!

Lee Hua said...

1st gathering was over and I did enjoyed. Hope others enjoyed too. Happy time past fast... Simply love everyone laughters and smiles. Will have more next time... Lee An ssi, going back to korea soon. Do take good care over there. Enjoy the cold weather there ya. Haa~

~~PaM 팸~~ said...

주방장님~~~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
you look good in the chef uniform :D
so full from the self-made 김밥 yesterday...
어제 넘 재미있어요!!! really enjoy the gathering ^^

the bride and groom part... really... (@^_^@)

and thanks for the door gift~
"짱구는 못 말려" = =+++
finally figure out the meaning...
cause yesterday was sick and brain not working... haha!

Halimah said...

Aigoo....my Christmas brownies look so....it must have rolled about while was carrying it..haha

Anonymous said...

happiness is but a journey
sounds cliche i know
but the meaning is deep
success doesn't comes easily too so you have to strive hard to achieve it
stay positive always
we'll be here for you

if you have open it up then you know what i am talking about


Li mei said...

HELLO~~~ ^^
glad that you enjoyed yourself.
oh~ i saw the pictures.
the bride and groom..
kinda shy~~~~

you wanna talk to my mum??

do you know my mum is very fierce ???!!!

take care!
hope to see you soon~
fighting~ ♥

carol said...

'hope to make some hole to let the bear breathe'? XD so cute ^^
aish~ so sorry that i left my name here but i really can't make it on that day.. wish i could be there >.<

looks like you're having tons of fun with your fans :D good for you =D

good luck for your next trip and wish you have lots of fun.. must've missed your country so much, ne? ^^ take good care of your health, stay healthy Lee An-sshi..

Lee An said...

Nice to see you again too!
So see you tomorrow at the airport! ^ ^

Lee An said...

Lee Hua
Thank you! ^ ^
Yes, we will enjoy the cold weather together is it? hahaha
It was happy night with all together enjoyed...

Lee An said...

재미있었어요? 나도!
주방장 옷이 잘 어울린다면 주방장이 되어 볼까요? ㅎㅎㅎ
아프지 말고 잘 지내요.. ^ ^
금방 다시 만나요!

Lee An said...

브라우니 예뻤어요..
아쉽게도 못 먹었어요.
다음에 또 만들어줘요! ^ ^

Lee An said...

happiness is but a journey...
Thanks for it.. ^ ^
Thank you..
I can't find your name..

Lee An said...

Li Mei
You looked cute with the bride...
^ ^

Lee An said...

Yes, pity couldn't share it gathering with you. But don't worry we will meet on next time is it? ^ ^
Take care too, and hope to see you soon in Singapore!

할리마 said...


I think the "happiness is but a journey" is from Legra?