Friday, December 12, 2008

Winter Korea Tour with Lee An Day1

What I'm doing?

Bye Aidan!! See you soon in Singapore, and thanks a lot!
I had really great time with you!
(didn't manage to other production teams photos... they left first yesterday morning... I should... um... ok, next time.. ^ ^ sorry Pauline, Soon, Jack, Lyn, Andrew, Ding Dang! Had great time with you all, hope next time come back again together!!)

Waiting Tour group from Singapore!

Meet new friends in Jeju!

Dragon Head Rock

Hot Dog

하이 쉐펀~
Welcome to Korea! ^ ^


su said...

You feel sleepy?? *for the first photo* Do take enough rest ya..

WOW!! That's lots of people joining your tour!! Feeling envious that i'm not 1 of them...

Its ok.. Once i save up enough $$, you bring me there, k...

Have fun for today's outing!! Ah.. Teddy Bear Museum... ^_^

Halimah said...

Lee An ssi,

What were you doing? The answer is...catching 40 winks when you think no one's looking. Haha. I bet it was too early in the morning.^^

So many people! Have fun yah...Make sure they become your fans before they go home to Singapore. Hehehe...

Oh, say hi to Lee Hua! *waves at Lee Hua*

su said...


there not snowing anymore?? Didnt see any snow lei...

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee An!

Have fun during the tour and say HI to amanda neo for us okay!

vanessa & weiann

Lee An said...

yes.. next time we go there together again! ^ ^

Lee An said...

Lee Hua is good here. I'll tell her.. ^ ^

Lee An said...

yes, still waiting another snowing.. ^ ^

Lee An said...

Venassa & Weiann
Thanks for visiting my blog, I told 'Hi' to amanda.. ^ ^