Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jeju MV Shooting Day 4

Sung Sang Sunrise Peak

We had lunch there... nice restaurant with great view

me..^ ^

Live.. Octopus... and raw abalone

Dak Gal Bi

Joon Ang Market Jeju


Halimah said...

You drink iced water in cold weather?? Actually I would do that too. Cold water tastes better than hot ones.

Did you eat the live octopus? Isn't it scary?? O_o

su said...

how does live octopus taste like?? Do you feel it moving in your mouth??
Sorry for asking this question, never eaten anything that alive or raw...

Ooo... the Dak Gal Bi looks yummy, what's in it??

Yes, the view is very beautiful.. especially with the lalangs *i think*

Have a good night rest ^^

chloe said...

I luv the restaurant...fantastic view!

수경 said...

감기 조심해~ ^^

cheez said...

so much fun u guys had! me too! had fun viewing your lovely pictures^^

heee...u should pose one with the octopus leg dangling out on your lips...that would be COOL:P

u guys be going on a tour today right? my friend should be with u now...look out for her ya!^^

Lee An said...

it's Sprite.. haha.. ^ ^
Live octopus.. haha.. you should try too!!

Lee An said...

hm... after cutting, not that bad when it move.. just a little only ^ ^, so next time try... ^ ^
Jeju Dak Gal Bi is very spicy.
It's chicken and vegi mixed with chilly powder.
Famous food from Chun Cheon City (for Winter Sonata)

Lee An said...

fantastic view.. yes. .^ ^

Lee An said...

네... 재밌어요.. 다음에 같이 와요 ^ ^

Lee An said...

haha.. ok, next time I will try it.
1 leg dangling out! hahahaha
Yes, the tour start, I have been good time with them! ^ ^

Halimah said...

Ah Sprite...I like Root Beer! Although Green Tea is still the best. Haha.

About the live octopus, if there's an opportunity, I'll definitely try it, even though I've never eaten any seafood raw before. Once in a lifetime chance mah.

But doesn't it stick to the sides of your mouth, especially the tentacles part? Or maybe that's for big big octopus ba?