Monday, December 15, 2008

D Art Resort in Gangwon-do

Leaving Jeju.. (DJ Choi Jae Hyuck doing morning wide show on TV too)

Tour group photo on the plane to Gimpo airport

Gimpo airport, waiting for car...

Road trip start! ^ ^
Following the tour group

Food for emergency!

Heading to Gangwon-do, D Art Resort

Hungry on the highway? You can have 우동 & 김밥

With Amanda!


Halimah said...

Dunkin Donut! I miss Banana flavoured donuts *pouts*

Kimbap again...I just has Japanes version (sushi) yesterday. ^^

By the way, sleep early can? You look super tired. Wait become endangered panda in the zoo like me. -__-

su said...

ah... taking udon & kimbab *just talking about an anime Udon yesterday*

DUNKIN DONUT!! My favourite is the one with stuffed chocolate.. yum yum!! ahh.. early morning feeling hungry just thinking of it..

Picture of you waitng for car is a bit lonely... why standing alone there??

Get enough sleep ya... ^-^

Lee An said...

nice..dunkiin.. ^ ^
ok, i will try to sleep early.. ^ ^

Lee An said...

I sent off all the friend from tour group and waited for a while there.. do i look lonely?
comem and stand by my side lah! ^ ^

Anonymous said...

Wah.... Ann ssi. knows how to use LAH. HAHAHA


Halimah said...


Thomas, now Lee An ssi is using so many Singlish words. How many did you teach him??

But, his Singlish can only be seen online and not heard. I think he will sound so funny saying it. *laughs like crazy*

Anonymous said...

Oh.. Ann ssi is VERY GOOD.
He has a knack for doing accents, Singlish and even Cantonese ones (thanks to Hong Kong movies)

Given time, he would be even more "Singaporeanised". haha


Halimah said...

Thomas ssi...really? Like that, we'll purposely make him confused *evil laugh*

Maybe I should throw in some made-up words... ^^