Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lee An Korea Winter Tour Day 6 : Lotte World

Driving to Myeong-dong

Water & 단무지, unlimited refill

신당동 떡볶이


With Regine

With Kief


su said...

wow!! having los of fun at the amusement park.. is that the park where 'Stairways To Heaven' being filmed??

I wanted to go there.. hmm..maybe next time ya..

Ah.. i can see you are wearing a spectacle.. reminds me of the tme at the X'mas gathering where we request you to wear the spectacle.. so kyute..


Doris Teo said... photos being uploaded. Lee An, when are you coming to Singapore? We really miss you and kept looking at the photos taken with you. Till then, you take care!

Juana and Ying Ying said...

Hi, Lee An, Merry X'mas! Miss you! Please take care.