Friday, December 12, 2008

Jeju MV Shooting Day 5

1, 2, 3~ slide in! yes! haha

Glass cactus

Glass Christmas Tree

Glass cafe

Glass flower

xiao gou... in the tengerin farm

beautiful beach...

seafood soup... for lunch

Gu Jeol Pan for dinner


su said...

hehehe.. that's funny.. the slide photo..

Woah!! The glass items are sooo beautiful!! Especially the Glass Christmas Tree & Cactus.. Did you buy any of them??
Mu mum will love the Glass flower.. as she's collecting it.. Is it expensive??

hmm.. can see that your appetite is getting better.. its more meat & less veggie!! hehehe..

Take care!!

Halimah said...

Lee An ssi,

So naughty! Sneaking into other people's photo. ^^

Puppy's so cute!

Seafood soup is yummy...but what's in Gu Jeol Pan? Curious curious...

Lee An said...

yes.. i like the photo too!
your mom will like the glass flower.. oh.. it is really beautiful. ^ ^
you should visit there with your mom soon! ^ ^

Lee An said...

yes.. cute puppy...
Gu Jeol Pan is kind of traditional dish with 9 different ingredients for wrap with flur paper? ^ ^

Halimah said...

Oh, you mean like what Singapore calls 'popiah'?