Monday, December 15, 2008

Last day in Jeju, good bye Jeju but will come back soon ^ ^

Met tour fans(Hui Yang & Mom) at Teddy Bear Museum

Teddy Bear (Korean Traditional Wedding Day)

Heading to JIBS for Radio interview, sunset...

With DJ Choi Jae Hyuck, On Air
15 min interview and played 2 of songs from 1st album.
1. Cheer up my dear
2. To Mum

He is very tall!

At JIBS lobby

Really going to miss these fresh seafood in Jeju

hm... this photo need explain..
I found out this bear on the Jeju street, my friend told me,
"Looks like bbo bbo's cousin!"
"Is it? oh no... poor bbo bbo's cousin, wrap in plastic bag.. on the street..."
And I hold the bear on the street like this.. ^^;


Halimah said...

I like the song 'Cheer Up My Dear'! I wonder what was said in the interview. Did have it recorded?

Bbo Bbo's cousin must be suffocating in the plastic bag. Did you help poke some holes for breathing?? I think he's (or is it a she?) must be super sad to be sold along the street. At least Bbo Bbo was sold at Takashimaya! Haha.

su said...

hehehe... that's funny *your caption on baby bear's cousin* Are you able to rescue him/her??

WOW! DJ Choi Jae Hyuck ssi is very tall.. If i were standing next to him.. I will be looking like a dwarf.. *lol*

Ahh!! The teddies at the museum is super duper cute!! now feeling jealous liao..

Lee An said...

Yes, they will pass the file soon.
I will upload it later. ^ ^
Aiyah.. I should poke for breathing.. forgot.. sorry... haha..

Lee An said...

thousands cute bears around there.. ^ ^

legra said...

poor cousin
must not be able to breath..
did you poke a whole for it