Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lee An Korea Winter Tour Day 5-Part2 : Hankook Pottery & Seoul

Hankook Pottery

Heading to Seoul

Interview with U-Weekly, Wei Qiang @ Palace Hotel in Seoul


Halimah said...

Turtle, girl & erm, bear? (or cat? I can't see clearly. Haha) Reminds me of when I was young & playing with clay/plasticine. ^^

Did you have to bake those in the furnace and get to bring them home? So lucky!

su said...

Lee An ssi.. is the U-Weekly person also in your tour group??

Hehehe.. the road navigator looks like computer game to me!! ^-^

Ah!! Finally a picture of Lee Hua!! Hmm.. making personalize pottery.. that's fun!! The things you make can bring back home right??

Er.. who make the 1 kitten, 1 squirrel (??) & the other 1(dont know what is that)?? Its cute...

Are you able to do colouring for that??

I can see that you are very artistic.. Nice flowers.. Are you good in Arts??

cheez said...

i like the 'jia' plate^^

Lee Hua said...

Haha~ Just got to see my photo here~ nah.. i din bring back my work piece bac so took photo as memory ya...