Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lee An Singapore Day Out 2 - Thian Hock Keng Temple

I had the chance be the tourist in Singapore again, lucky day..
I needed to change hair color a bit for MV shooting, so I went down to Telok Ayer St today.
Near the hair salon, there is a beautiful temple namely, Thian Hock Keng... very different experience... ^ ^

And the hair color, really can't see the color in this photo.. ^ ^
Chinatown Mosque St


Halimah said...

Lee An ssi..

Photo angle for the 2nd one is great. You look great from that angle. ^ ^

Halimah said...

Oops. I meant the 2nd one of the last picture (the one in the salon). ^ ^

Must explain, if not, you'll get confused again. ;)

Lee An said...

Thanks, Halimah.. ^ ^

kstruck said...


또 만났어요~~ ^^

헤어을도 잘랐어요? 아니면 Dye만? MTV 대문에?

새 멀리스타일은 더 멋이다~ ^^

Lee An said...

네~ 또 만났네요.. ^ ^
MTV 때문에 머리카락에 컬러 넣고 약간 잘랐어요.
새 머리스타일 좋아해줘서 고마워요 ^ ^

Lee Hua said...

The photos look good~ New hair colour ya ^^

Anonymous said...

Hey LeeAn,

Thomas here...

Was thinking how Boyi mentioned you should pick up some Mandarin ...

I thought I'd help you in small doses, so you can learn at your own pace..haha

Since we've covered the Singlish LAH LOR MEH... (if you still remember..), feel free to add them to the end of sentences...

Why stop at just one language? Here's MANDARIN, CANTONESE (HONG KONG) , MALAY and HOKKIEN (TAIWAN) These are the languages and dialects that a lot of Singaporeans understand.

When you wanna say
"Thanks" (Khamsa hamnida), you can also say -

MANDARIN- Xie4 Xie4 谢谢
CANTONESE - Mm Goi / Dor Jeh
MALAY - Terima Kasih
HOKKIEN - Gam Siah (which sounds like KHAMSA hamnida the most!)

End of language classes.. haha

Halimah said...

Wah, Thomas ssi is multilingual!

Lee An said...

Lee Hua
THanks! ^ ^

Lee An said...

Hi nice to see you here! ^ ^
Ok, I will try to add that interesting LAH LOR MEH~ of course remember!! haha
Give me more language lesson when I'm back!!! hahaha
C U soon Again! ^ ^

su said...

i realise on the last photo, did you raise your arms *like an aeroplane*??

because at 1st its like you are just standing straight..but when i look more.. i can actually see your arms..

Am i right??

If i'm right, then its a very good picture to trick people..

If not, then i'm the only one who imagining it... hehehe...