Monday, December 15, 2008

Yong Pyeong Ski Resort

Early moring at D Art

Freezing.. weather

Morning sun.. heading to Yong Pyeong Ski Resort

Enjoy ski with tour group... ^ ^

Night view

With Derrick

Met new friend from HK too!


su said...

The night view of the Ski Resort *skiing area* is very nice... Stay there for a day?? Must have played till closing time rite.. ;)

hmmm.. i can see you have made some guy friends.. can i assume they will be your male fans?!? This is after the mini concert??

Scenery of the morning view is nice, the mountains.. reminds me of my hotel rrom view at Mount Sorak.. its breath-taking.. ^-^
Are you taking them there??

Lee An said...

Yes.. it was fun. But this time I enjoyed hang out with all the friends from tour group. So didn't go to high slope, play with them around basic area. ^ ^ I teach & help & play together ^ ^
We are not going to Sorak Mt. this time. But still same province in Gangwon.

su said...

ah... so you are expert in skiing la..

Its nice to hear you are having so much fun there with your new friends..

Dun forget your friends here in Singapore, ok.. ^-^

Take care..