Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lee An Korea Winter Tour Day 5-Part1 : Bibimbap & Strawberry Filed

Do you want? 'Chao' sweet strawberry!!

아~~~ 해보세요!! Delicious!!

딸기 자매!!!


비빔밥 그릇!

How to make bibimbap!! 집중!!



Halimah said...

Ah...My favourite cute, pretty and sweet-sweet Korean strawberries! They're selling it in Singapore too. But 'chao' expensive. Haha.

By the way, did you pay close attention to the 선생님? Coz' you will have to teach us how to make bibimbap next time! ^^

su said...

Wah!! the Bibimbab looks so colourful!! It like an art piece, dun think it'll eat it.. maybe i'll preserve it & bring back home..

Hmm.. what are you lookin at?? Or thinking??

Like a BIG HAPPY FAMILY mixing the Bibimbab!!

The strawberries looks juicy.. must be very sweet, rite..

cheez said...

wow! a new word u had picked up...the strawberries must be 'chao' loved by many of u...

oh, 'chao' big the bowl for the bibimbap leh...heee...must be 'chao' challenging to stir that bowl of ingredients...i can only drool seeing your pics:P

kim said...

the bibimbap is "chao" delicious.. one bowl is not enough..yummmyyyyy